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《無名氏書寫》Anonymous Writing, 1996-97

行動 / 錄像 / 裝置 video、action、installation




起先,《無名氏書寫》始於大量的紙上素描,這是一系列在去除文字意義下所展開的符號塗抹。後來,逐漸延展到了關於書寫的行動、空間裝置等等。就行動而言,主要是在北投附近,包含了捷運復興崗站前面的一棟閒置公寓、關渡自宅、 後山,以及某棟正在興建中的藝術館所進行的。


At first, "Anonymous Writing" started with a lot of sketches on paper. This series of symbolic prints began by removing the meaning of words. Later, it gradually extended to writing actions, space installations, and so on. As far as the action is concerned, it was mainly carried out near Beitou, including a vacant apartment in front of the MRT Fuxinggang Station, my house in Guandu, the back mountain, and an art gallery under construction.

This is just a self-inquiry. The work starts silently, and ends silently.
"Anonymous Writing", from 1996 to 1997, a strong artistic self-loss almost penetrated everything. Since then, a "non-auteurism" has become an important idea for me. My works of that period were full of explorations of disappearance, disintegration, non-self and neutrality. The series of "Anonymous Writing" was produced under this background.

This series mainly uses a great number of types of "writing" to ask a basic question: "Who is the author?" I was in a contradictory situation of "I said I am not here," and at the same time, was vaguely and difficultly looking for the relationship between the so-called "author" and symbols in the symbols left over from writing.

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