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《住在時間的三種方式》Three Ways To Living within “Time”, 2009


「台灣國際錄像藝術展」(Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition, TIVA)

鳳甲藝術館 ​Honggah Museum Taipei

複合媒材裝置、紀錄文件、踏查工作坊  Mixed media installation, documentation, workshop

尺寸因空間而異 Dimensions Variable

在《三種住在時間 的方式》中藝術家以三種身體移動和裝扮的方式:以「家屋造型」,穿越象徵漢人拓墾蘭陽平原歷史的隆嶺古道(福隆——頭城)、「樹造型」穿越象徵「伐木經濟」的桶後越嶺古道(礁溪一烏來)、以及「岩石造型」,穿越象徵國家權力延伸「統治延伸」的蘇花古道(蘇澳一崇德),進行與當下、他者和歷史之間共存對話的過程。

Three Ways of Living in Time is another process about the historical dialogue for co-existence. The artist has formed three different styles of moving and dressing the body. With “House Style," he crosses the Long-Lin Ancient Trail in the Lanyang Plain (Fu-Long - Tou-Cheng), which symbolizes the Han people's excavation, and with the “Tree Style," he crosses the Tunghou Trail to symbolize the period of "lumbering economy" (Jiao-Si - Wu-Lai). With the "Rock Style,” he crosses the Su-Hua Ancient Trail (Su-Ao - Chung-De), which represents the nation's extension of dominating power. The actions conduct a co-existing dialogue between the current moment, the other being and history.

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