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《林中走錯路》Forest Forked road, 2006

沙湖壢藝術村 Safulak Art Village
複合媒材裝置、紀錄文件、踏查工作坊  Mixed media installation


Since 2001, I have been frequently visiting the border area of Hsinchu and Miaoli on the Taiwan Route 3, just driving around ...... during the time, my footprints have covered the areas of Emei Township, Baoshan Township, Beipu Township, and Guanxi Township in Hsinchu. It seems that there is some kind of gloomy atmosphere in which I was attracted from Taipei, hidden between the layers of shallow hills, in the middle of the thick, almost impermeable broad-leaved forest. ......For more than three years, I have passed through dozens of Taiwan Route 3, Hengshan Junior High School, and Asian cement air taxi... ...everything seems to have remained the same, but the shallow hills of the broad-leaved forest in the shallow mountains are still so deep and remote to me.

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