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《大豹:南尖》Topa:South Tip, 2018


【野根莖─2018台灣美術雙年展 】 

Wild Rhizome – 2018 Taiwan Biennial
國立台灣美術館 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

「南尖」是我所研究的原住民Topa(大豹社)事件中,一場關鍵「理蕃」戰役裡的隘勇據點遺址。此次展出,透過遺址尺寸的放大,刻意模糊掉原本的軍事用途,僅凸顯出巨人巢穴一般的意象,將昔日帝國所屬的失落空間重新錯置於美術館空間,形成當代的隱喻。除了空間裝置以外,現場也展示關於戰爭與土地開發的三部錄像,分別是〈劉海蟾〉、〈三清萬甲 仙境〉以及〈線〉。

"South peak” is a historical frontier site renowned for being the location of an important battle in opposition to Japanese aboriginal policy during the Topashe Incident, which I have researched for this work. By enlarging the frontier site here to deliberately obscure its original military connotation, only the image of the site as a lair for giants is accentuated. The lost space of the former empire is relocated to the art gallery, forming a contemporary metaphor. In addition to the space installation, the site also displays three videos about war and land development, respectively, Lâu Hái Siâm, Taoist Trinity Fairyland and The Line.


《大豹:南尖》Topa:South Tip ,圖片來源:國立台灣美術館

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