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Nonsense of Socialization, 1997-98

台北  Taipei 


From 1997 to 1998, I did a series of action art creations. It is called "Nonsense of Socialization", mainly based on behavioral (action) art to explore the "boring" characteristics of artistic creation relative to society. This series includes 'Throwing Eggs' (1997), 'Chasing the Train' (1997),'Words of Exile' (1997), 'Running at Riverbank' (1997), 'Sanzhi Action' (1997), 'Jumping' (1998), 'Mei Wan Mei' (1998), etc.The creation background of the "Socialization Boring" series, on the one hand, is that Taiwan at that time gradually walked out from the authoritarian system and turned to a stable structure dominated by the middle class. The "stability" in society gives people a sense of anxiety. Therefore, I hope to explore the meaning of art in such a society. Or conversely, if art has no social meaning (boring), how can it prove itself? In this series, most of the "works" were completed deliberately without rehearsal in a short period of time, and only a few lasted for a week. To put it in buzzwords at that time, it was called "concept action" or "concept sketch". Among them, constant "repetition" is the main concept, and it is also one of the ways that creators (boring people) can "self-justify".


'Jump' (1998) 
'Jump' was carried out by constantly jumping in place in many different locations, including abandoned space of the barracks, beaches, the wayside, riverbanks, the downtown area of Tamsui, etc. My idea was very simple. When people's life is always moving horizontally, the work of creators is actually just jumping in place repeatedly. Secondly, I have seen a madhouse in a Hong Kong movie that some mentally abnormal people would jump in place with their pillows. I think this image is very similar to artist.



'Throwing Eggs' (1997) 
'Throwing Eggs'  was an instant action carried out at the Taipei National University of the Arts at the time. It expressed an indescribable dullness and untargeted anger by constantly and repeatedly throwing eggs towards the same wall.

Untitled-1 2.jpg


'Sanzhi Action' (1997) 
'Sanzhi Action' was performed on the beach of Sanzhi QianShui Bay. I moved forward, left my footprints on the beach, and walked into the sea. Then I repetitively crawled backwards and wiped my footprints away.




'Mei Wan Mei(Beauty Playing Beauty)' (1998)
'Mei Wan Mei'  is a work made in my Banqiao's room after leaving the college and waiting for serving in the Navy. At that time, I was so anxious and felt that I couldn't integrate into the "society". This kind of conflict was especially serious when I went home living with my parents. In one afternoon, when I went to a bakery to buy breads, I saw a mother and child visiting the bakery together. For some unknown reasons, I was deeply touched. After I went back, I started a "chewing" project for about a week, which was an alternative "breakfast." I began to collect the newspapers produced by the information society every day with the fruits grown on the ground every day. After mixing the two, I chewed them like betel nuts and spat them out. 

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