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《泡沫的消失》 Bubble

行動 / 錄像 / 裝置
台北 / 南投 / 宜蘭 Taipei / Nantou / Yilan




"Bubble" is about the continuation of a project on paper in 1998: "The disappearance of an author — from the beautiful residence to Western Trunk Line". It mainly targeted on the untangled and inexplicable thoughts in my creation at that time: "Who is the creator in me?", "What is the time and space of art?", "Where is the boundary of art?", and other questions. These puzzles were later transformed into a more concrete image: balls or bubbles.

In 1999, I made a hollow ball. No matter how futile or abrupt, I still suggested the hollow ball as the so-called "art." This one-year project is "Bubble", which is divided into two stages, land and sea drifts.



Stage 1: Land, 1999
This stage is a creative period centered on the "ball". I used the ruins of the octagonal house in Sanzhi as the base. I put the ball in one of the houses, lived and did some performances inside the ball, and  "stroll" in the beach. Finally, on the day of the strongest cold wave in December 1999, I carried the ball to the top of Hehuan Mountain for "camping" to end the first stage "Bubble".

截圖 2021-05-16 下午11.32.27.jpg


The second stage: sea drifts, 2000 
After finishing the first stage of creation, I rented a boat and set off from Fenniaolin Fishing Harbor in Dongao, Yilan, and dragged the ball to the Pacific Ocean off Dongao Bay and let it drift. Meanwhile, through the concept of "reverse", the images taken in the first stage were projected onto the ball at night as a meta-question on the reality of creation.

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