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《尋找那位女士》Looking for “The Lady” , 2013



2013年12月11日,「建築雙年展」開幕儀式 在觀塘「起動九龍東」辦公室舉辦。過程中,台灣參展人遭受不當驅離,很難不讓同在 香港駐村、也同為台灣藝術工作者的我注意此事。雖然這麼說並不代表其他在此雙年展中紛 紛表態反對的香港及外國藝術家不值得敬佩。在經過一段訪談、追索之後,港深建築雙年展 的結構及操作方法實在令人驚艷,對比於台灣逐漸將藝術、文創作為經濟救贖的想像,「建築雙年展」不僅關乎經濟範疇,其背後之核心,恐怕直指政治問題(包含中國如何想像它的未來之問題)。



2013 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture Hong Kong (UABB) 's opening was held at Energizing Kowloon East Office (EKEO) in Kwun Tong on 11 December , 2011. An Artist from Taiwan was evicted during this formal event, which attracted my attention as a Taiwanese artist taking part in a residency program in Hong Kong. I, in the meantime, respect also the artists who withdrawn from UABB. When art and cultural industries is becoming a kind of economic salvation in Taiwan, UABB is not merely about economy, but implicitly more about politics (implying the way how China imagines the future of Hong Kong) after my investigation of it.


The eviction process reproduced in my video attempting to reflect issues of political economy derived from UABB by emphasizing unreasonable action of "that lady" (suspected of plain-clothes police, secret police or security guard). Though this was part of the conflicts incurred by UABB, “that lady" was presenting/ implying the drive of UABB, Chief Executive's Office or more probably of widening disparity between the rich and the poor.

《尋找那位女士》Looking for “The Lady” , 2013

單頻彩色有聲影像 Single channel video, color, sound 24’00’’

《尋找那位女士》,裝置  Installation of Looking for “The Lady” , 2013

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