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The Crow and The Pitcher, 2012

單頻彩色有聲影像 Single channel video, color, sound 6’01’’

烏鴉的喙無法構到水面。既然無法推倒瓶子,烏鴉就將小石子一個一個丟進瓶中,讓水面上升至能喝到的高度。這個故事後來變成一則關於聰明才智及創造力的寓言,彰顯出了縝密思維 和耐心往往比蠻力有用的價值。我將伊索寓言這只烏鴉,轉換成今日的藝術家,將小石子轉換成藝術家的日常工具如塗料、畫筆、膠卷、螺絲帽、螺絲釘、硬盤等等,而影片中這些工具都是 我自己過去的創作對象。這不只討論藝術家的勞動與其“交易工具”,也關於藝術家求生所必須具備的策略。

The crow’s beak cannot reach the surface of water. Since the bottle is impossible to be toppled over, the crow starts dropping tiny rocks into the bottle one at a time until the water rises up to the level for drinking. The story became a fable about intellect and creativity while accenting the value of thoroughness and patience over force. I have transformed this crow from Aesop’s Fables into a present-day artist and transformed the tiny rocks into an artist’s everyday tools such as paints, paintbrushes, tapes, screw nuts, screws, hard drives and more, as for the tools in the film are all items I have created in the past. This is not solely a discussion of an artist’s labor and their“tools of the trade”but also of the strategies artists must have in order to survive.

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《烏鴉取水》錄像截圖  The Crow and The Pitcher, still image

《烏鴉取水》錄像截圖  The Crow and The Pitcher, still image

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