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《腦視丘》Thalamus, 2010

「台灣當代藝術論壇雙年展」Forum Biennial of Taiwanese Contemporary Art 2010

台北當代藝術中心 Taipei Contemporary Art Center

​錄像裝置,390(L) x 390(W) x 300(H) cm


16 monitors for a round circle installation 
inside monitor include 64 pictures from 16 Taiwan local government's windown.



Without warning, or permission, I slipped into the main County Government building for Taiwan’s 15 counties there I filmed the view from the building windows on different floors. I later took 15 digital camera frames, arranged them into a circular installation and played the filmed scenes as an all-round view. By comparing the relationship between these “local government centers,” the environment around them and the “political landscape,” viewers can discern a relationship whereby the government supervises and plans life for the outside world.

Through this action is an attempt to discuss the question of “visual ruling” in the context of general contemporary geo-political organization in Taiwan. By using promotional films in an effort to transform the organization behind the Taipei International Flora Expo further links it to the current political situation.

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