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Reflection of Li-Fong Coal Mine, 2013

2012 亞洲雙年展 Asia Art Biennial

國立台灣美術館 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

單頻彩色有聲影像 Single channel video, color, sound 38’05’’

由於台灣加入 WTO 的緣故,利豐煤礦成為最後一個關廠的礦坑。再一次偶然的機會,一位法師發現礦坑廢墟裏吊掛的礦工的衣物,還住著幾位礦工的靈魂。在得知這件事以後,我決定透過 行為表演的方式,穿脫這些衣物,試著將人體的溫度帶給這些滯留於衣物的靈魂。

Li-Fung became the last coal mine to be shut down since Taiwan had joined WTO. An opportunity was presented when a monk discovered the souls of some miners still reside within the clothing hung inside the abandoned coal mine. Since learning of the event, I decided that through the performance of wearing and shedding of these clothing, a human body’s warmth and temperature may be brought to these souls that have lingered behind in these clothing.

《利豐的折射》Reflection of Li-Fong Coal Mine, 2012

單頻彩色有聲影像 Single channel video, color, sound 38’05’’

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