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Turtle-Leopard Trail (T.L.T), 2020

【合力組裝米克斯】(Assembly of Communities: MIX)

臺北當代藝術館 ​MOCA Taipei

複合媒材裝置、紀錄文件、踏查工作坊  Mixed media installation, documentation, workshop

尺寸因空間而異 Dimensions Variable




Turtle ←→ Leopard Trail (T.L.T)

T.L.T reveals a new action plan, comprising of a long-distance hike and creative action, based on the long-term study of Taiwan’s low-elevation forest history, which includes different areas and levels of spatial and historical layers. The naming of T.L.T links Shulin’s Gueilun Mountain, where the Sanchiaopu Rebellion took place, to Sanxia’s mountains, the site of the Dabaoshe Incident, connecting two incidents taking place separately during two colonial regimes. The title of T.L.T is inspired by the turtle (龜; guei) and the leopard (豹; bao) in the names of the two areas, forming a seemingly realistic but actually fictional route. In terms of space, T.L.T traverses the sites of post-war White Terror in Taiwan’s rural mountains as well as the defense lines of frontier guards during the period of Japanese rule, reminding the audience of the traumatic history involving the Han and indigenous peoples.T.L.T mixes trail observation, dialogue creation, book reading and video-filming. Ten participants are selected through an open call to conduct a long-distance “hybridizing action.” During the journey, book readings are organized, covering topics related to the Sanchiaopu Rebellion and the Atayal Dabaoshe Incident; and the exploration of these topics is also extended to the literary or cultural discussion about the Malayan Communist Party and the Hồ Chí Minh trail. In these discussions, all participants carry out their independent research, interpretation and creation about the history and space, and all the created works and materials will be incorporated into this project.


此路線為 1903~1907年三峽泰雅族大豹社事件隘勇線。亦為藝術家近幾年的研究主題。預計將走踏三峽幾條日殖時期隘勇線遺址,最後將翻過新北市、桃園界山,拜訪復興區霞雲里,一批文獻記載「滅社」以後的大豹社遺族。

The 1st Section: Gueilun Route
This route takes participants to the site of the lesser known Sanchiaopu Rebellion, which covers low-elevation mountains in Shulin District in today’s New Taipei City. The program involves a hiking trip through various historical and cultural locations, and is accompanied by a culture and history researcher specializing in the history of White Terror in Shulin.

The 2nd Section: Dabao Route
This route revisits the defense lines of frontier guards involved in Sanxia’s Atayal Dabaoshe Incident from 1903 to 1907, which has been the artist’s research topic in recent years. The hiking trip takes the participants to several historic sites of the defense lines in Sanxia during the period of Japanese rule before eventually crossing the mountains between New Taipei City and Taoyuan and arriving at Fuxing District’s Xiayun Neighborhood, where the remaining Dabaoshe descendants have settled down according to literature.

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