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《兩個 1984》

Dual 1984, 2021






《兩個 1984》以該年發生於地球兩端的礦工事件、場景為主。其中,關於台灣的“海一”事件,是以周宗魯及其女兒周瑪璃女士口述為主軸,重訪三峽地區數個關閉的礦場拍攝、取景。同時 在地球另一端,1984 年英國撒切爾夫人推動新自由主義,預謀消滅中、北部的煤礦業,並鏟除代表左翼勢力的“國家礦工聯盟”(NUM),因而在雪菲爾附近的奧格利維夫礦場發動了著名的 “奧格利維夫之戰”。本片重新訪問曾經參與、領導“奧格利維夫之戰”的礦工道格拉斯(D. Dagulass),記錄三十年後,這些逐漸年邁的礦工仍舊團結一致,共同思索如何保存礦業的歷史與文化價值,同時戮力於還原過去抗爭被遮蔽的歷史實況。

Dual 1984 circles around the mining events and settings on the opposite sides of the earth of that year. Among them is Taiwan’s“Haishan I”event, led by the oral accounts of Mr. Zhou Zonglu and his daughter Ms. Zhou Mali, which was filmed in multiple shut-down mines in Sanxia district. On the opposite end of the world at the same time, Prime Minister Thatcher was advocating for neo-liberalism in 1984 with an aim to wipe out the coal mining industry in the central and northern region and to eradicate the left-wing National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) resulting in the famous“Battle of Orgreave”in Orgreave Colliery close to Sheffield. The film interviews miner D. Dagulass who participated and led Battle of Orgreave, documenting that these aging miners continue to stand united even thirty years later and contemplate just how to preserve the historical and cultural value of mining industry and strive to restore the historical truth of a resistance that has been buried.

《兩個1984》Dual1984, 2012

雙頻彩色有聲影像 Double channel video, color, sound 13’44’’

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