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高俊宏 Kao JunHonn

1973年生於台灣,1998年畢業於台北藝術大學美術系,獲學士學位;2017畢業於台南藝術大學藝術創作理論研究所博士班,獲博士學位,現高雄師範大學跨藝所助理教授。創作媒介以計畫性創作、身體、錄像、非虛構書寫為主。作品長期關注歷史、空間、生命政治、新自由主義、東亞、原民等議題。1995年起舉辦多次國內外個展、聯展與參與雙年展,並於香港、法國、英國、綠島等地進行駐村創作;作品曾入選與獲得數屆台新藝術獎。撰有《Bubble Love》、《家計畫》、《公路計畫》、《群島藝術三面鏡》、《拉流斗霸:尋找大豹社事件隘勇線與餘族》等書,獲2016年金鼎獎年度最佳圖書獎、2021年Openbook好書獎等。

Kao JunHonn

Born in 1973 in Taiwan, he graduated in 1998 from Taipei National University of the Arts with a BA in Fine Arts, and graduated in 2017 from Tainan National University of the Arts with a PhD in Art Creation and Theory. Currently he is Assistant Professor at Graduate Institute of Transdisciplinary Art, National Kaohsiung Normal University. His artistic practice involves mediums including the human body, video, active projects, and non-fiction writing. His works frequently examine issues surrounding history, space, bio-politics, neoliberalism, East Asia, and indigeneity. He has participated in numerous solo exhibitions, group shows, and biennials at home and abroad since 1995. He has worked in Hong Kong, France, and the United Kingdom through art residency programs. His works had been nominated and won numerous Taishin Arts Awards. His written publications include Bubble Love, The Home Project, Archives of Aesthetics of Existence in Taipei, The Archipelagic Trifold Mirror of Art trilogy, and IIyong Topa. He had won Best Book of the Year Award at the Golden Tripod Awards for Publications in 2016.


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