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Taipei Archive, 2009


Arts engagement Space Project


Touring eight towns in Taipei County: Sanshia, Danshui, Ruifang, Pinglin, Bari, Taishan, Sanchong, Yingge

複合媒材裝置、紀錄文件、踏查工作坊  Mixed media installation, documentation, workshop



Maybe, our faces will look like the tools we use in our work. The "Taipei Archive" is a art project from 2009, in which the faces of 360 Taipei residents and the tools they use to do their jobs were photographed and installed on a truck touring Taipei.

"Taipei Archive" attempts to carry out the image documentations of people workers in Taipei County. In the way of spatial presentation, instead of the traditional mode of intervention art, which is to intervene in people's daily life with lot's of hardware and roughness, the project returns to daily life record. In addition, the project will make a display truck for mobile display platform, using the "Routes" of Taipei County as the main venue, giving full play to the reckless spirit of the mobility of the "street vendors" and to seek the unexpected encounters.

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