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Farewell! Departing by Now, 1988

台北  Taipei 



In 1998 I made an arrow-shaped box and named it "Geocenter." Its size was just right for me to lie in. There were sleeping bags, shovel, canister stove, photos of myself in silver print, and a few small works in the box. There was also a board in the box, saying: "Goodbye, I have left." In the early morning of February 9, 1998, I dragged this box that symbolized my "museum" or "coffin", and departed from my home in Banqiao late at night to take the local express at Shulin Railway Station. It was expected to shoot videos in Tainan city the next day, and then head to the destination: Ocean God Waterfall (Diana’s Pool) in Sandimen Township, Pingtung County. I was wondering would the bottom of the circular deep Ocean God Waterfall reach the center of the earth?

After setting off, I kept holding up the "Farewell, I have left" signs along the way and sending out leaflets with similar messages. After successfully carrying the arrow-shaped box onto the train and placing it in the car, I started to sleep. However, in the night train heading south, my purse was stolen. For the subsequent shooting, I could only use the little money left in my pocket to travel and film in Tainan, Changhua and other places. This unfinished journey, which never reached the destination, was also quite a true portrayal of being a young artist.

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