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《煙》, Smoke, 2019



Once Upon A Time:Unfinished Progressive Past

臺北當代藝術館 ​MOCA Taipei

錄像裝置 Video and Installation

尺寸因空間而異 Dimensions Variable


Jun-Honn Kao’s new work, Smoke, evokes a profound yet intangible experience drawn from his unseasoned teenage years in the 1980s. For the young artist at that time, the island of Taiwan was always shrouded in unsettling smog. In this work, Kao uses “smoke” as his medium and explores a mixture of the opium-quitting movement advocated by "Jiangbi Hui " (meaning “Falling Pen Associations”) of the Phoenix Halls and the environmental movement fighting against air and water pollutions related to the incident of LCY Chemical Corp. taking place in Hsinchu in the 1980s. With an allegorical dialectics, the work delivers a debate about the subject of wickedness and salvation through the intertwining smoke rising in modern and pre-modern Taiwan.

《煙》空間裝置  Smoke, Exhibition View , 2019


《煙》,錄像截圖  Smoke, video image, 2019



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